Basic Nominee Information
Full Name tim maylone
Title/Position general manager
Company Name cherry capital connection, llc
City/State Elk Rapids, MI
Member Company Background
Are you a full-time employee at a WISPA member organization? Yes
How many full-time staff are employed by your company? 5
Briefly describe your company's business (services offered, client base, areas of coverage). Wisp 12 county area of northwest lower michigan
fixed point community wifi voip 180 points of access 125 hotspots
Professional Background
How long have you held your current position? 11 years
How many years of experience do you have in the wireless Internet industry? 11 years
Describe your primary job responsibilities. All aspects
Individual Qualifications
Why do you want to become a member of the WISPA Board of Directors and what do you hope to achieve through your leadership experience? focus is michigan. To assist in promoting wisps. Create opportunities for highlighting the industry, establish procedures for roaming and inter routing work with connect mi and mpsc to highlight wispa and influence mi broadband policy to favor the wisp industry
Please describe your experience and current involvement with WISPA, including participating on WISPA committees. co director wispa-mi, wispa disaster comitte volunteer, mpsc-cbc comitte member
Please explain strengths that you possess that would be of particular benefit to WISPA through your service on the board (e.g. leadership, areas of specialty, industry relations, etc.) 30 years networking 11 years wifi arra grant experience established er-bam a broadband outreach group
Please describe any current or previous leadership experience with non-profit organizations and your role: technical volunteer for various chambers
In your view, what are the biggest challenges facing the wireless internet industry, and how do you believe WISPA should address them? setting standards and consistent industry message