Basic Nominee Information
Full Name Nathan Peterson
Title/Position VP Sales & Business Development
Company Name Surplus Wireless Gear
City/State Moosic, PA
Member Company Background
Are you a full-time employee at a WISPA member organization? Yes
How many full-time staff are employed by your company? 10
Briefly describe your company's business (services offered, client base, areas of coverage).

Surplus Wireless Gear Specializes in the consulting, sales, deployment & repair of wireless broadband equipment. SWG offers a wide variety of services and helps WISPS migrate existing networks from end of life equipment to new deployments. With our repair and used sales we are able to help clients keep existing networks running while also offering up other solutions in this ever changing industry. solutions in this ever changing industry

Professional Background
How long have you held your current position? 4 (units unspecified)
How many years of experience do you have in the wireless Internet industry? 4 (units unspecified)
Describe your primary job responsibilities.

Sales, consulting  and marketing. Business development as well as new product development.

Individual Qualifications
Why do you want to become a member of the WISPA Board of Directors and what do you hope to achieve through your leadership experience?

I want to become a WISPA board member for many reasons.  The most important one I believe is to help and assist my fellow board members in the movement of this industry in the right direction. I hope to achieve a stronger understanding of the true needs of our WISPA members and bring them positive results and outcomes. By doing this we will help grow this very crucial organization into a realm that is positive for all WISPS and ISP’s to be a part of.

Please describe your experience and current involvement with WISPA, including participating on WISPA committees.

SWG has been a WISPA vendor member since 2009. In joining the organization we have forged many great relationships with its members. Every involvement with WISPA and it affiliates have been a positive one. We were proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the WISPA/FISPA Orlando summit. While I don’t currently reside on any WISPA committees I look forward to joining the board in the future, and adding my positive attitude and commitment to the industry.

Please explain strengths that you possess that would be of particular benefit to WISPA through your service on the board (e.g. leadership, areas of specialty, industry relations, etc.)

In my Current position at SWG I help many WISPA members with the upkeep of their current networks by repairing existing end of life equipment as well as offering up new solutions. In doing so, I have helped bring a cost effective solution to the ever changing WISP market. I think that with the skills that I have attained in immersing myself in the market as a whole I will be able to promote and bring positive results to all WISPs in the organization.

Please describe any current or previous leadership experience with non-profit organizations and your role:

I have not held any positions at non-profit organizations past or present, but look forward to being an asset to WISPA in the future!

In your view, what are the biggest challenges facing the wireless internet industry, and how do you believe WISPA should address them?

I think that the biggest challenges facing the wireless industry are awareness and oversight from congress on the WISP Market as a whole. The WISP industry does an excellent job at providing service and broadband needs where others have not. Unfortunately congress has yet to realize the impact that WISPs can have on bringing broadband to every person in this country. WISPA past and present has done an excellent job in providing awareness to officials and government about our very crucial industry. The ever constant job of lobbying the FCC and government entities for increased spectrum allowances and financial avenues for WISPS is a must for the industry to continue to grow and be competitive.