Basic Nominee Information
Full Name Larry Schriver
Title/Position President
Company Name Country Connections LLC
City/State Washington Court House, OH
Member Company Background
Are you a full-time employee at a WISPA member organization? Yes
How many full-time staff are employed by your company? 7
Briefly describe your company's business (services offered, client base, areas of coverage). We are a rural WISP providing internet service to an area that includes parts of 13 counties in S W Ohio. We do some webhosting.
Professional Background
How long have you held your current position? 2 1/2 years
How many years of experience do you have in the wireless Internet industry? 2 1/2 (units unspecified)
Describe your primary job responsibilities. As president of Country Connections my time is divided into a number of management areas. My responsibility areas include financing the company, and all money matters including payroll, taxes, paying the bills, and marketing. I send a large amount of my time promoting Country Connections. We cover about 1500 square miles and that puts us in a number of different counties and media areas. I also look at new market potentials and decide where we should be spending our expansion time. The biggest value I bring to Country Connections is the future. I serve on the board to be able to see what is coming at this industry, and figure out how I need to respond to the keep my company is business.
Individual Qualifications
Why do you want to become a member of the WISPA Board of Directors and what do you hope to achieve through your leadership experience? This past year I served as the WISPA board secretary. I bring to the board my experiences from 40 years of business management. There are many places that I have been able to offer insight on how to resolve issues that not only help fix the short term issue, but also contribute to resolving the long term issues. I would hope that the board of directors can guide this industry thru the current issues and build a strong base for the industry to survive well into the future.
Please describe your experience and current involvement with WISPA, including participating on WISPA committees. I have 40 years of business management experience in agriculture, and government relations. I have only been a WISP operator for a little over two and a half years, but in that time I have become very familiar with a number of WISP issues. I currently serve as the Board Secretary and have been asked to chair the membership committee for next year. I have attended all board meetings and a number of other WISPA sponsored events. I also serve as the Ohio WIPSA Chairperson.
Please explain strengths that you possess that would be of particular benefit to WISPA through your service on the board (e.g. leadership, areas of specialty, industry relations, etc.) I have many years of management experience that helps with understanding the complexities of the many issues that face our industry. I also have a degree in economics which helps me evaluate the impact a decision can have in the both the near term and long term. My experience in marketing and sales helps me understand how the consumer thinks which helps in understanding how to present an issue to the public in a positive way.
Please describe any current or previous leadership experience with non-profit organizations and your role: I currently serve on the board of LIFE Pregnancy, a local non-profit as treasurer and have been for 5 years. I also served on the Board of the Fayette County Pork Producers, an organization to help youth as treasurer for 15 years. I’m a Mason and a Lions Club member and have held various positions in both. I have also served on many different committees at Church.  Currently I serve on the board of the Jeffersonville Festival Association, an organization that sponsors the local festival and other events thru out the year.
In your view, what are the biggest challenges facing the wireless internet industry, and how do you believe WISPA should address them? Our biggest issues involve two major areas. The first area is government, which includes the FCC and Congress. The government has a direct impact on our ability to do business as in the TVWS. Currently the senate has a piece of legislation in front of it that could take this spectrum to public auction.  The FCC can also change the way we do business by regulation. We need to be ever vigilant in both of these areas. We also need to pay attention to what the telco’s and the cable industry are doing, both from a competitive base and from a lobbying point of view, which ties into the FCC and legislative impact area.