Basic Nominee Information
Full Name Jacob Thatcher
Title/Position CEO
Company Name Node 1 Technology
City/State Linton, IN
Member Company Background
Are you a full-time employee at a WISPA member organization? Yes
How many full-time staff are employed by your company? 9
Briefly describe your company's business (services offered, client base, areas of coverage). Node 1 Technology is a technology service provider located in Southwestern Indiana. The company was started in 2004 to provide rural Indiana and Illinois with technology related services. Today Node 1 services more than 8,000 customers with TV service (Dish and DIRECTV), Broadband Internet (DSL and Fixed Wireless Broadband) and computer related services. Wireless Internet Service to rural areas in Southwestern Indiana and South Eastern Illinois is the leading service provided by Node 1.
Professional Background
How long have you held your current position? 7 years
How many years of experience do you have in the wireless Internet industry? 7 years
Describe your primary job responsibilities. Oversee day to day operations of the company. Manage network operations. Manage employees and help them reach their goals. Set short-term and long-term goals for the company. Work with financial planning and management of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Provide technical guidance to employees.
Individual Qualifications
Why do you want to become a member of the WISPA Board of Directors and what do you hope to achieve through your leadership experience? I have been involved in the WISP industry for several years and have demonstrated successful track record working in the industry. I am devoted to the business and want to continue to see this industry grow and become stronger. I would hope to help others in the industry grow their business.
Please describe your experience and current involvement with WISPA, including participating on WISPA committees. Have attended many of the conferences and participated in WISPA sponsored events. I also communicate with several WISPA members on a regular basis suggesting advice and sharing information with them.
Please explain strengths that you possess that would be of particular benefit to WISPA through your service on the board (e.g. leadership, areas of specialty, industry relations, etc.) Have worked in the wireless industry for many of years and have many contacts. Have a bachelors degree in business. Worked for the Department of Defense for several years numerous contacts within federal government. Have a good relationship with executives of Dish Network and DIRECTV.
Please describe any current or previous leadership experience with non-profit organizations and your role: Was an officer within the local Elks Lodge where I helped manage the largest lodge in the State of Indiana. I helped prepare budgets and see that the lodge was successful. Have been on numerous committees and boards with many smaller local non-profit organizations and clubs in the past as well.
In your view, what are the biggest challenges facing the wireless internet industry, and how do you believe WISPA should address them? I feel there are several issues facing the industry including spectrum allocation and use. More standardization of equipment and acceptable business practices within the industry. There needs to be more collaboration among providers to become stronger and more unified. WISPA should act as a facilitator and advocate for WISPs. WISPA is doing a great job working with the FCC. More involvement is needed from more WISPs.