Basic Nominee Information
Full Name Jack Unger
Title/Position President
Company Name Ask-Wi.com
City/State Daggett, CA
Member Company Background
Are you a full-time employee at a WISPA member organization? Yes
How many full-time staff are employed by your company? 1
Briefly describe your company's business (services offered, client base, areas of coverage). Provide professional services primarily to the WISP and outdoor wireless industry throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Professional Background
How long have you held your current position? 18 years
How many years of experience do you have in the wireless Internet industry? 18 years
Describe your primary job responsibilities.

All Corporate functions.

Individual Qualifications
Why do you want to become a member of the WISPA Board of Directors and what do you hope to achieve through your leadership experience?

I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve WISPA's Members for another term on the Board of Directors.

Please describe your experience and current involvement with WISPA, including participating on WISPA committees. I have served on the WISPA Board for the past four years. I have served as Chair of WISPA's FCC Committee for the past three years. I served one year as WISPA's Secretary and have also served on WISPA's Association Management Committee, Bylaws Committee and Governmental Affairs Committee. When appropriate, I represent and speak on WISPA's behalf at industry meeting and industry shows addressing spectrum and regulatory issues.
Please explain strengths that you possess that would be of particular benefit to WISPA through your service on the board (e.g. leadership, areas of specialty, industry relations, etc.) In addition to my service on the WISPA Board, I have experience serving on other Boards including the Summit Homeowners Association Board, the Santa Susana Mountain Park Association Board and the Zayante Fire Protection District Board. I strive to solve problems through consensus whenever possible or in the most respectful and constructive way when consensus can not be achieved.
Please describe any current or previous leadership experience with non-profit organizations and your role: (Already addressed in the previous question).
In your view, what are the biggest challenges facing the wireless internet industry, and how do you believe WISPA should address them?

I believe WISPA's biggest challenge at this time is to become known to Congress and to the general public. WISPA is already very well known to the FCC and to many other lobbying and trade organizations in Washington however I believe we now need to publicize our industry and the needs of our industry to 1) Congress who makes the laws that grant or deny us spectrum, and 2) The general public who are unable to distinguish us from the "wireless" industry. When the public hears "wireless" they think "cellular" or "mobile broadband". We need to conduct a public relations campaign to communicate that we are the "fixed wireless broadband" industry. We need to help the public understand the very unique and valuable benefits that our fixed wireless broadband industry provides. If we fail to do this, we will remain "invisible" to Congress and to the public and our spectrum and business needs will not be  properly addressed by the government. As a result, our industry will suffer.